Principal's Message



A child is an innocent baby. What we feed to children they grow accordingly. Their growth is not only depends on how we nourish them but also how we interact, behave and keep relation with them. If we remain smile and fulfil our duties & responsibilities properly, definitely a Child will also remain cheerful and devoted to his works that may be games, study etc.


Children are the mirror of a family; we can easily predict way of living of their parents, family and the social environment where they live. Like food, the education, which is imparted to the students during the first 5-6 years of their schooling in fact, decides their future. It is only during these formative years that the students learn basic operations of mathematics and four skills of language learning viz. listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They also started learning how to behave and give response to the persons interacting in the Society.


If the child is equipped with skills of language learning up to class V-his/her grip on EVS and Mathematics will automatically get stronger. Each student should be in position to read newspaper of English and Hindi both at time of passing class V.

All the teachers should ensure that CMP (Common Minimum Programme) is followed in language, EVS and Mathematics up to class V. Only then, we can hope for the bright future of the students of KVS.


The students who become slow learners in middle and secondary stages lose their interest in studies due to their poor grip on languages and basic operations in Mathematics. Imagine a student who knows how to add but he cannot do the sum of addition where verbal input is given in the form of a statement. Non-understanding of the concepts due to poor knowledge of languages further frustrates the students who don’t fare well in academics and ultimately important human resources are made non-productive by the existing educational systems.

Vidyalaya has divided into Four Houses -STAR i.e. SHIVAJI, TAGORE, and ASHOK AND RAMAN.


Now a good friendly competition helps you to remain fit and Fine. A Step to a New Destination is Always Forward with Precautions and Examine Our Efforts, Attitude, Interest and Capabilities.



Dr. Ritu Pallavi